Japanese Calligrapher  Houyo Arai

~My handwriting which I put my full soul into will help you lead to your success~

I live in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.
I have been doing calligraphy since I was 3 years old. Presided calligraphy lesson classes in salon style for over 20 years.
Write a product logo.
Supervise products.
Write a store signboard logo.
Calligraphy performances in Japanese temples.
Appeared in Paris JAPAN EXPO calligraphy performances.
Introducing calligraphy in performances on stages such as overseas World Heritage Site.

My Out look
Japanese calligrapher and a runner
with energy and sincere manner

I am an active and quiet person. When I challenge something, I use my full energy to complete my goal. I am a marathon runner. My best record is 3 hours and 45minutes for 42.195 km marathon.
Running teaches me spiritual power and endurance, which is essential for my career as a calligrapher.
I’m also an artist and I hope to contribute for the society by offering my handwriting to people who want to start new challenge. The idea of my artistic handwriting will let people see the world in a new way and make one feel something new. If you try to use my artistic writing, you may get some hints for success.
Through my handwriting, I hope to help and support people achieve their dream, desire, policy and belief.

Honors received
Received many awards many times at Japanese calligraphy exhibitions authorized by associations such as All Hyogo Prefecture Calligraphy Artist Association, Yomiuri Syohoukai and Senshitukai.

Career History
2001-2011Started Salon Style calligraphy classroom in Makuhari Bay town in Chiba.
2004-2011Worked as an instructor for ten years at “Tukushino Kai”, which is an authorized calligraphy classroom by educational project of Chiba city.
2012-2018In charge of the salon style calligraphy classroom in Takarazuka city、in Shukugawa and in Kitahama, Minamimorimachi.
2013-2018Training staffs at “Smile Dentical Clinic”
Working regularly as an instructor for staff training for certain companies.
2013-2018Teaching at pre-school in Shukugawa as a professional calligraphy teacher.
2018Working as an instructor at “Kurio International Pre-school “ in Osaka.

Exhibition History
2002.4Art work was displayed at Karimoku Funiture Store showroom under the title of “Kinosturayuki Wa Modern”, table art exhibition.
Coordinated Japanese dinner table with poems of Kinosturayuki (poet)
2017.12Selected as an artist for an exhibition held at Kiyomizu Temple.
2018.10My artwork titled “Feminine Beauty” is to be adopted as a poster for a German book fair.
Going to be held in Frankfurt in Germany.
2018.11My Japanese artworks will be appearing in the book “Trace of Japanese Art” published by Art Syoseki.

Performance Occasions
2018.4As a member of “Wa Project Taishi” (“Wa” means Japanese old culture and Project Taishi is named after Syotoku Taishi. He is represented as a leading figure in old Japanese culture.
My work ″以和為貴“(meaning “nothing is more valuable than peace” was offered to Kekiganji Temple , which was founded by Syotoku Taishi almost 1500 years ago.
2018.7JAPAN EXPO in Paris
Would be exhibiting my work in an open workshop.
2018.11Will be a Goodwill Cultural ambassador authorized by the Japanese Government
in Bothnia and Herzegovina ,which will take place on the bridge of world heritage bridge of“Stari Most”, performance and will give a lecture.

Commercialization of my handwriting

Under contract with Kankou Industrial Corporation
・Designed the calligraphy logos for postcard series.” Galaxy, Jewel, Sweet Smelling ,Breeze”
・Chief editor for “Letter for beautiful hand writing”, which is an instructor for skillful writing.
・A popular stationary magazine introduced my edition and they recommended it to the readers as a model of handwriting
・A special envelop to enclose money for condolence and celebration.

Under contract with Synaxy Enterprise
・To provide yearly samples of New Year cards
・To provide thank you letter samples for business aquitance

Under contract with big life insurance company
・To provide more than 500 pieces of paper with a newly -born baby’s names on it.

Signboard logo for a restaurant and stores.